Bobby Ray Jones (8 of Clubs, Florida)

Published: June 19, 2024, 7 a.m.

b'Bobby Ray Jones had just moved back to Walton County, Florida, in the late summer of 1971. It was a rebirth-of-sorts for this 33-year-old man. After getting caught up in a love affair and running off to Alabama, he had only recently returned to the sunshine state to try and reconcile with his wife. And seemingly, he was on track to do just that. He had already found a new job and a place to stay. Things were starting to turn around. So much so, that on September 29th, he even told his \\u201cmama\\u201d she had no reason to worry about him\\u2026 and that he didn\\u2019t have \\u201can enemy in the world.\\u201d But the very next morning, Bobby Ray was murdered\\u2026'