Belinda VanLith (Queen of Hearts, Minnesota) Part 2

Published: Jan. 31, 2024, 8 a.m.

b'Last week we walked through the initial investigation into the nearly 5-decade-old missing person case of 17-year-old Belinda VanLith. Despite her disappearance essentially being considered a runaway case by police initially, they had quickly come around to the possibility that perhaps Belinda had been met with foul play \\u2013 and there were some people close to the cabin she was last known to be at that were looking like promising suspects, but police never had enough evidence to move forward, and her case went cold for almost 3 decades.\\n\\nWhere we left off, investigators were 28 years into their investigation with little to show for it, when suddenly, in 2002, a relative came forward to police with a story they hadn\\u2019t heard before. And that\\u2019s where we\\u2019re picking up\\u2026'