Belinda VanLith (Queen of Hearts, Minnesota) Part 1

Published: Jan. 24, 2024, 8 a.m.

b'Belinda\\u2019s story has held a special place in our hearts for a very long time. Back in August of 2022, her family reached out to the team here at audiochuck requesting we cover her case. We told Belinda\\u2019s family we\\u2019d try, and for months we did try \\u2013 we reached out to the investigating agency on multiple occasions, but we\\u2019ve still never heard back about an interview.\\n\\nThankfully, through a records request, we were eventually able to obtain hundreds and hundreds of pages of reports spanning the nearly 50 years since Belinda\\u2019s disappearance. Hopefully, by bringing her story to you, we can bring her some justice that she very much deserves.'