Andrea Durham (Ace of Clubs, Florida)

Published: Feb. 7, 2024, 8 a.m.

b'Revisiting a place that holds bad memories isn\\u2019t for the faint of heart. Just pulling up to a specific location can bring on anxiety about the past trauma that once took place there. Even decades later, that sinking feeling doesn\\u2019t go away. Until recently, Ashyea Durham Pugh hadn\\u2019t been back to the scene since that mostly blocked-out memory was her cruel reality. That night she and her mom returned home to their apartment to find that her little sister had vanished without a trace. And as the anniversary of that fateful February passes, her uneasiness grows. Because February 1st, 2024 has come and gone. No one has seen Andrea Durham in 34 years. And whoever took her could still be out there.'