A Foundation Model for Food, with Chef Robotics CEO Rajat Bhageria

Published: July 11, 2024, 7 a.m.

b'Nathan explores the future of food production with Rajat Bhageria, founder and CEO of Chef Robotics. In this episode of The Cognitive Revolution, we delve into how AI and robotics are revolutionizing food assembly, potentially reshaping the entire food industry. Discover insights on imitation learning, data flywheel effects, and the vision of accessible, customizable meals produced by robotic kitchens.\\n\\nApply to join over 400 founders and execs in the Turpentine Network: https://hmplogxqz0y.typeform.com/to/JCkphVqj\\n\\nRECOMMENDED PODCAST:\\nPatrick McKenzie (@patio11) talks to experts who understand the complicated but not unknowable systems we rely on. You might be surprised at how quickly Patrick and his guests can put you in the top 1% of understanding for stock trading, tech hiring, and more.\\nListen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3Mos4VE3figVXleHDqfXOH\\nListen on Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/id1753399812https://podcasts.apple.com/id1753399812\\n\\nSPONSORS:\\nOracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a single platform for your infrastructure, database, application development, and AI needs. OCI has four to eight times the bandwidth of other clouds; offers one consistent price, and nobody does data better than Oracle. If you want to do more and spend less, take a free test drive of OCI at https://oracle.com/cognitive\\nThe Brave search API can be used to assemble a data set to train your AI models and help with retrieval augmentation at the time of inference. All while remaining affordable with developer first pricing, integrating the Brave search API into your workflow translates to more ethical data sourcing and more human representative data sets. Try the Brave search API for free for up to 2000 queries per month at https://bit.ly/BraveTCR\\nOmneky is an omnichannel creative generation platform that lets you launch hundreds of thousands of ad iterations that actually work customized across all platforms, with a click of a button. Omneky combines generative AI and real-time advertising data. Mention "Cog Rev" for 10% off https://www.omneky.com/\\nHead to Squad to access global engineering without the headache and at a fraction of the cost: head to https://choosesquad.com/ and mention \\u201cTurpentine\\u201d to skip the waitlist.\\n\\nCHAPTERS:\\n(00:00:00) About the Show\\n(00:02:40) Chef Robotics\\n(00:04:09) Food Manufacturing\\n(00:06:52) Food assembly\\n(00:11:08) Setting up a robot\\n(00:14:00) Onboarding process\\n(00:18:08) Sponsors: Oracle | Brave\\n(00:20:16) Self fine-tuning\\n(00:22:59) Variation in the human powered setting\\n(00:29:53) Safety constraints\\n(00:32:15) Portfolio of customers\\n(00:33:43) Sponsors: Omneky | Squad\\n(00:35:30) Evolution of the AI strategy\\n(00:40:14) Generative AI in robotics\\n(00:43:27) Eurekas and bootstrapping\\n(00:45:43) Time to onboard a new ingredient\\n(00:47:15) Inner loops of the system\\n(00:49:17) How controlled does the environment have to be?\\n(00:52:51) Compute, Energy\\n(00:54:12) Reliability\\n(00:59:52) Current challenges\\n(01:02:47) Humanoid robots\\n(01:06:42) Business model\\n(01:07:58) Future vision\\n(01:11:51) Ghost kitchens and kitchenless houses\\n(01:14:35) Final message\\n(01:15:49) Outro'