Dawn - Chapter 23 - Alone In The Dark

Published: Feb. 22, 2021, 6 a.m.
Duration: 43 minutes 6 seconds

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Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 22 - A Question Of Faith

Published: Jan. 18, 2021, 6 a.m.
Duration: 42 minutes 23 seconds

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Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 21 - A Cure For The Cough

Published: Jan. 3, 2021, 3:35 p.m.
Duration: 39 minutes 45 seconds

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Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 20 - The Rain On The Radiant Van

Published: Jan. 2, 2021, 6 a.m.
Duration: 33 minutes 48 seconds

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Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 19 - Tea With Paterut

Published: Nov. 16, 2020, 6 a.m.
Duration: 42 minutes 31 seconds

We meet a new character Sunatah, who has been having unusual dreams.

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 18 - Hixnos' Justice

Published: Nov. 14, 2020, 7:06 p.m.
Duration: 46 minutes 4 seconds

Maze and Gavin hunt for the killers of an urchin named Brennen. They hope to recover requisition order signed by Brother Kai and Brother Harlan for potions to cure the reavers cough.

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 17 - The Grooved Buckle

Published: Oct. 12, 2020, 5 a.m.
Duration: 37 minutes 26 seconds

Gavin and Maze continue their search for justice after finding Brennan.

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 16 - The Vessel

Published: Sept. 28, 2020, 5 a.m.
Duration: 37 minutes 59 seconds

Dimitri has a surreal dream and new character, Lenriesh inspects the scene of a skirmish on the Beacon's Highway.

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 15 - Ice Wine and Cricket Curry

Published: Sept. 15, 2020, 1:50 a.m.
Duration: 52 minutes 16 seconds

Jacob and Dimitri sit in a back room at the Ghastly Eel Tavern with Jacob's old friend Cain Misto'er. Dimitri, under the influence of ice wine, shares much about his past and Cain tells the story of how he opened the Ghastly Eel with the help of Old Dale.

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 14 - Alleys and Urchins

Published: Aug. 24, 2020, 5 a.m.
Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes 58 seconds

Gavin and Maze search for a street urchin who went missing on an errand for a priest.

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 13 - The Ghastly Eel

Published: Aug. 10, 2020, 5 a.m.
Duration: 27 minutes 33 seconds

Jacob and Dimitri make their way to the Ghastly Eel tavern where Jacob reunites with an old friend and shares news of his travels.

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 12 - The Reaver's Cough

Published: July 27, 2020, 9:44 p.m.
Duration: 28 minutes 5 seconds

Our adventurers make begin exploring the city of Bahn Kuldir, intent on meeting up with old friends, seeking advice and in much need of a rest from their arduous journey south.

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 11 - Maze and the Mouse

Published: July 10, 2020, 3:41 p.m.
Duration: 33 minutes 3 seconds

Our adventurers continue their journey to Bahn Kuldir, discover what is being pulled along the tracks and are given some terrible, unexpected news.

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 10 - All Quiet At Depot 13

Published: June 15, 2020, 4:23 p.m.
Duration: 31 minutes 58 seconds

Our adventure continues as our party wakes in the upper branches of Dimitri's magic tree and descends to continue their journey on the road to Bahn Kuldir. Not certain what to expect when they reach Depot 13, the party hopes to catch one of the mechanically pulled carts into Bahn Kuldir.

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 9 - The Lonesome Lad

Published: April 13, 2020, 5:09 a.m.
Duration: 55 minutes 14 seconds

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 8 - Serpent Consume You

Published: March 24, 2020, 11:16 p.m.
Duration: 36 minutes 12 seconds

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 7 - The Singer Silenced

Published: March 9, 2020, 6:56 a.m.
Duration: 46 minutes 4 seconds

The party continues their journey south along the Beacon's Highway with their two new Dwarven companions. Pursued by the Gray Dawn and plagued by the howls of nightmarish beast, the party keeps a wary eye on the road.

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 6 - Distant Howls

Published: March 2, 2020, 1:58 p.m.
Duration: 41 minutes 22 seconds

Fleeing from danger, our adventurers make camp in a unusual place.

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 5 - The Widow

Published: Feb. 10, 2020, 6 a.m.
Duration: 43 minutes 48 seconds

EPISODE SUMMARY**********************CONTAINS SPOILERS**********************Our band of adventurers hastily packed up camp and fled south along the road to Bahn Kuldir, after receiving the news that Gavin and Jacob were being pursued by the Gray Dawn. As they fled from the dangerous organization, they stumbled upon a traveling coach that had wrecked and was turned on its side. The horses and driver were slain but two female dwarves survived what they described as an attack by an other-worldly monster. After comparing the Dwarves' description to their memories of the monster they had banished to Wild, the group came to the conclusion that the monster must have returned and was too dangerous to face.Convincing their new companions to travel with the group, the band of adventurers continued their journey south to the Dwarven stronghold of Bahn Kuldir. 

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 4 - Whispers in the Woods

Published: Jan. 27, 2020, 6 a.m.
Duration: 42 minutes 26 seconds

EPISODE SUMMARY**********************CONTAINS SPOILERS**********************Gavin sat with Dimitri, the strange man who transformed a pond into a silvery portal to the Wild. They both asked questions, Gavin about the Wild and Dimitri about the mysterious dagger that Gavin carries.When Gavin’s questions started making Dimitri uncomfortable, the enigmatic mage rushed away from the camp to seek the solitude of the woods. But he did not find solitude in the woods as a creeping presence surrounded him. A disembodied voice attempted to coax Dimitri to join her mission to bring destruction to Sildume. Dimitri, stalwart in his convictions, rejected her offer. But not before she threatened to destroy him and his companions should they meddle with one of her creatures again.Hearing a shout from the campsite, Dimitri rushed back to find a  thick and thorny vine attacking Gavin. After dispatching their foe, they delved deeper into Dimitri’s past, until they were both consumed by their own thoughts.Meanwhile Jacob and Maze were headed back from town of Wildspring after receiving the alarming news that The Gray Dawn were searching for Jacob and Gavin.

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 3 - Warning in Wildspring

Published: Jan. 13, 2020, 5:57 a.m.
Duration: 45 minutes 42 seconds

EPISODE SUMMARY**********************CONTAINS SPOILERS**********************Maze and Jacob ventured out from their campsite at the edge of the Singing Wood. The pair returned to the Beacon’s Highway and trudged north back to Wildspring to return the recovered amulet. Along the way, Jacob revealed some of his history with the Gray Dawn and the danger he and Gavin face. Maze was persistent, asking questions to discover the truth of the matter. As Jacob shed more light on the situation, Maze pledged to protect the two wayward performers on their journey south.As they approached the town of Wildspring, Maze and Jacob were accosted by a group of mounted residents. Two of whom, drew bows as a third demanded to know their business. Jacob, ever persuasive, convinced the townsfolk that they spoke the truth, and they sought to return the holy relic to its rightful owners. A sharp tongued Junith Harper thanked Maze and Jacob and ensured they were rewarded for their good deed. As the gathered crowd dispersed, a halfling caught the attention of Jacob. When confronted, the halfling confessed that a group of mysterious, gray cloaked strangers had come through the town not long ago. These gray cloaked men showed the halfling two sketches that depicted Gavin and Jacob. The halfling confirmed he had seen men that resembled the sketches and remembered them heading south. As Maze and Jacob were returning the amulet and receiving the dire news, Gavin and Dimitri sat       tending to the campsite…

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Chapter 2 - Into The Wild

Published: Jan. 13, 2020, 5:43 a.m.
Duration: 46 minutes 1 second

EPISODE SUMMARY**********************CONTAINS SPOILERS**********************In the depths of the Singing Wood, Gavin, Jacob, and Maze recovered from their skirmish with the murderous bandits. A guttural howl cut through the calm night air, and the three travelers faced off against a nightmarish creature. As they struggled to fend off the monstrosity, a shout cut through the clamor of activity. A cloaked, wiry figure burst into the clearing imploring   them not to harm the creature. The newcomer lured the beast into the nearby pond and with a touch of his hand, turned the surface mirror-smooth. As both the newcomer and the beast began to sink beneath the mirror surface, Maze attempted to rescue the newcomer only to be drawn in himself. As he plunged through the surface and back out again, Maze’s new surroundings astonished him. Unfamiliar fauna and otherworldly flora showed him a world beyond imagining. A forbidden world, deemed blasphemous by the Empire. Maze and the newcomer released the beast back to the Wild and dove into the silver pond’s depths to return to the calm night in Sildume. Upon their return, Gavin, Jacob, and Maze turned on the newcomer full of questions about the dangerous encounter. They continued to question the newcomer, who named himself Dimitri, about his origins and purpose. And about how Maze and Dimitri were only gone for a few seconds, but, according to Gavin and Jacob, were gone for several hours. The four travelers gathered around the campfire and discussed their various destinations. Discovering they were traveling the same direction, resolved to travel together. Before they could embark though, Jacob and Maze decided    to return the recovered amulet to the town of Wildspring. Meanwhile Gavin and Dimitri would tend to the campsite and further discuss the mystery of the Wild… 

Listed in: Drama

Dawn - Prologue & Chapter 1 - Friends In Need

Published: Jan. 13, 2020, 5:22 a.m.
Duration: 57 minutes 18 seconds

EPISODE SUMMARY********************CONTAINS SPOILERS******************* The inhabitants of the quiet town of Wildspring were in mourning. The local priest of Hixnos, murdered. Their holy relic, an amulet, stolen. The bandits responsible retreated to the depths of the Singing Wood, a dense forest alive with the chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects. Maze, passing through on his way southeast, heard the plight of the townsfolk. He resolved to bring justice upon the bandits and retrieve the amulet for them. He believed it was his solemn duty as a follower of Hixnos, the Goddess of Light and Justice.Jacob Elias and Gavin Rettler, two wayward traveling performers, sought to keep their identities hidden as they fled the region. They seemed to have crossed an organization called the Gray Dawn and tried to keep a low profile by disguising themselves as they traveled from tavern to tavern. Despite the threat of bandits on the southbound road through the Singing Wood, they made their way along the Beacon’s Highway. Along that road, Jacob and Gavin stumbled upon a grisly scene. An embattled Maze fell at the feet of three bandits he had been locked in combat with. The two traveling performers seized an opportunity to strike at the bandits. The pair dispatched the remaining bandits and Jacob saved Maze’s life with healing magic. They carried Maze away and found shelter in a clearing not far from road. As the two Moons rose in the sky, they heard the bone-chilling roar of a creature unknown to them and not long after, a nightmarish beast emerged from the treeline. As the fight ensued against the nightmare, a shout from the darkness rang out… 

Listed in: Drama

Episode 0 - Preview

Published: Dec. 24, 2019, 8:28 p.m.
Duration: 4 minutes 26 seconds

On this show, a group of actors will shape an epic, fantasy tale. Each chapter––every interaction and every combat is improvised. The success or failure of those interactions and combats are determined by dice and the rules of Dungeons and Dragons. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know any of those rules to enjoy the show. Just know that, each character has a specific set of abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and in some cases, powers. Their abilities combined the dice they roll determine their success or failure in each instance. Our adventure takes place in the vast world of Sildume, a planet-spanning continent full of magic, mystery, and adventure. The year is 1147 in the light of Hixnos. Hixnos is the Goddess of Justice and Light. It’s been more than a millennia since the Eclipse War and the formation of the Empire under the High Beacon, Hixnos’s chosen champion and the supreme ruler in Sildume. There is peace, but it is tenuous. A power––long thought banished––grows in the shadows. Unbalance and chaos seek to find stasis…I know how our story starts, but only the characters can decide how it ends.Their words and actions, will alter the fate of Sildume. Joining me are actors Andy Kanies, Ben Stonick, Zack McCan, Luke Hatmaker and Courtney Taylor. We strive to create a show that is safe and enjoyable for the whole family. We avoid explicit language and other adult-only content. There are, however, some themes that very young children may find distressing. We recommend parental supervision for children younger than 13. Thanks for checking out our preview for the RPG Radio Show, we hope you’ll join us on this adventure! 

Listed in: Drama