Our Government Does What?? A Conversation with Four-Star Admiral Rachel Levine

Published: June 11, 2024, 7 a.m.

b'Happy Pride!! It\\u2019s easy to criticize government, and candidly, there\\u2019s plenty that deserves criticism. But government is not something we can live without, so maybe if we spent less time complaining about it, and more time understanding it, we\\u2019d know how to use it properly and how to best fix it. So, today we\\u2019re joined by Four Star Admiral and one of the highest ranking members of our Department of Health and Human Services, to talk about what our government is doing to keep Americans safe and healthy. And, because it\\u2019s Pride Month, it\\u2019s important to acknowledge that Admiral Levine is part of an administration where equity, inclusion and diversity aren\\u2019t just talking points but a way of life. That the Biden/Harris administration is committed to an America where everyone belongs and we can see that reflected in the very highest levels of our government. Representation matters, but competence and skill come first, and boy does the Admiral bring the goods! Listen to this conversation and you\\u2019ll understand why we\\u2019re so lucky to have such a powerhouse like her at the wheel.\\xa0\\xa0\\nAs always, if you find worth in what we do, please consider SUBSCRIBING to PoliticsGirl Premium. You\\u2019ll get this podcast ad free, along with a bunch of other perks, like the rants directly to your inbox and the knowledge that you\\u2019re making this kind of highly researched, factual information possible.\\xa0\\nIf that interests you, please go to https://www.politicsgirl.com/premium and subscribe today!!\\nThank you so much! xoPG\\nGuest social:\\n\\nhttps://www.hhs.gov/\\n\\nTwitter: @HHSGov\\n\\t\\t@HHS_ASH\\nInstagram: @hhsgov\\nYouTube: @HHS\\nFacebook:US Department of Health and Human Services\\n\\nAs always, please RATE and SUBSCRIBE so we can grow the show, open the dialogue, and inspire change moving forward!\\n\\xa0\\nAll show links here!: https://linktr.ee/politicsgirl\\n\\nThis episode is sponsored by\\u2026\\nhttps://oneskin.co code: politicsgirl\\nhttps://birchliving.com/politicsgirl\\nhttps://lumen.me/politicsgirl'