How to Pursue Your Purpose

Published: Dec. 7, 2023, 1 p.m.


Greatness mandates understanding your purpose. On this week\'s episode of "Permission to be Great" we\'ll dive into this topic. I\'ll teach you the importance of having purpose and how to go about finding it!\\n\\n\\nSHOW NOTES\\nIntroduction (00:01.398)\\nDr. Dale, host of "Permission to Be Great," welcomes listeners to another empowering episode. The mission is to empower individuals to walk in greatness daily.\\n\\nRecap of Previous Episode (01:02.384)\\nBriefly recaps the last episode, emphasizing the vision for the podcast and the journey to greatness. Highlights the focus on pursuing purpose rather than external achievements like wealth or popularity.\\n\\nThe Central Question: What is Your Purpose? (02:26.698)\\nDr. Dale poses a crucial question: What is your purpose?\\nShares insights about the significance of knowing and pursuing one\'s purpose. References Mark Twain\'s quote about the two greatest days in a person\'s life: the day they are born and the day they discover their purpose.\\n\\nFoundation in Faith (04:49.93)\\n\\nStresses the importance of aligning one\'s purpose with faith, particularly in Jesus. Emphasizes the biblical perspective that the work of God is to believe in the one He has sent.\\n\\nKey Elements of Purpose (07:17.078)\\nDistinguishes between purpose and goals, with purpose being the overarching vision and goals serving as checkpoints.\\nUrges listeners to understand that purpose is centered around the "why" and provides motivation.\\n\\nUnderstanding Your Domain (09:33.982)\\nEncourages listeners to recognize and embrace their current situation as part of their domain. Emphasizes the importance of leveraging one\'s gifts within their current context to fulfill their purpose.\\n\\nAvoiding Pursuit of Others\' Goals (11:52.714)\\nWarns against getting caught up in the pursuit of someone else\'s purpose or goals. Encourages aligning work with personal purpose, even in employment for others.\\n\\nPersistence and Patience in Pursuit of Purpose (14:19.614)\\nHighlights the necessity of time, effort, and persistence in achieving one\'s purpose. Acknowledges the inevitability of failures and the importance of learning and growing from them. Stresses the need to work diligently, even during late hours, to achieve greatness.\\n\\nCall to Action (16:47.65)\\nUrges listeners to reflect on their purpose and share it on social media.\\nInvites engagement and promises support in clarifying individual purposes.Encourages intentional decision-making aligned with one\'s purpose.\\n\\nClosing and Subscription Request (18:37.79)\\nDr. Dale expresses gratitude for listeners and requests subscriptions to support podcast growth. Concludes with a prayer for the audience and a declaration of love. \\n\\nThis episode explores the fundamental question of purpose, emphasizing the intersection of faith, personal goals, and the importance of leveraging one\'s current situation in pursuit of greatness. Dr. Dale encourages listeners to reflect deeply on their purpose and take intentional steps toward fulfilling it.