The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke

Rupert Chawner Brooke was an English poet known for his idealistic War Sonnets written during the First World War (especially The Soldier), as well as for his poetry written outside of war, especially The Old Vicarage, Grantchester and The Great Lover. He was also known for his boyish good looks, which prompted the Irish poet William Butler Yeats to describe him as "the handsomest young man in England". (Summary from Wikipedia)

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Pamphilia to Amphilanthus

Pamphilia to Amphilanthus is the first sonnet sequence written by an Englishwoman. Published in 1621, the poems invert the usual format of sonnet sequences by making the speaker a woman (Pamphilia, whose name means "all-loving") and the beloved a man (Amphilanthus, whose name means "lover of two."). It is possible that Wroth based the story on her own fraught relationship with her cousin, William Herbert. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett.)

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Sonetos - Poemas Filosoficos

Luís Vaz de Camões é frequentemente considerado como o maior poeta de língua portuguesa e dos maiores da Humanidade. O seu gênio é comparável ao de Virgílio, Dante, Cervantes ou Shakespeare. A obra lírica de Camões foi publicada como "Rimas", não havendo acordo entre os diferentes editores quanto ao número de sonetos escritos pelo poeta e quanto à autoria de algumas das peças líricas. Alguns dos seus sonetos, como o conhecido "Amor é fogo que arde sem se ver", pela ousada utilização dos paradoxos, prenunciam o Barroco. Nesta coleção, apresentamos uma recolha de Sonetos de Camões de tema filosófico. (Sumário adaptado da Wikipedia por Leni)

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Sonnets from the Portuguese (version 2)

Sonnets from the Portuguese chronicles one of the most famous romances in history. The renowned Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett wrote the sonnet sequence during her courtship by Robert Browning, and later presented them to him as a wedding gift. Robert was astounded by the quality of the poetry, and encouraged her to publish, but Elizabeth objected on the grounds that the content was too personal. At last, Robert prevailed, and Elizabeth published her sonnets. The title of the book comes from a joke between Robert and Elizabeth Browning. Elizabeth was too embarrassed to publish the sonnets as a personal chronicle, so she decided to pretend they were a translation from a foreign language. Robert’s nickname for her was “My Little Portuguese” due to her dark hair and olive complexion, and so the sequence was forever known as “Sonnets from the Portugese.” (Summary by Kirsten Ferreri)

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The River Duddon: A Series of Sonnets

Located in a part of Cumbria that was once part of Lancashire, the River Duddon rises in the high fells of the Lake District and flows for 25 miles through varied scenery before disappearing into the sands between Millom and Barrow-in-Furness. Wordsworth’s series of sonnets, inspired by his walks along the river, were written over a period of years, but are arranged so as to follow its downward course from the fells to the sea. Part One of this reading consists of the 33 sonnets and postscript that were first published as a series in 1820. Later editions of Wordsworth’s works included a 34th sonnet, which is appended to Part One. Part Two contains Wordsworth’s rather eccentric notes on the sonnets, which are largely taken up by an account of the remarkable career of the Reverend ‘Wonderful’ Walker, who lived to the age of 94 after serving as curate of Seathwaite chapel for 67 years from 1735 to 1802. I have read the sonnets using a northern English accent as I believe Wordsworth may have read them himself. (Summary by Phil Benson)

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A Calendar of Sonnets (Version 2)

Helen Hunt Jackson is probably most famous for her work on behalf of Native Americans’ rights. However, this short volume presents a sonnet for each month of the year, devoted simply and beautifully to the shifting wonder of nature through the seasons. (Summary by Laura Fox)

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Sonnets to a Lover

This is a book of poetry by Myrtle Reed. Ms. Reed is most famous for her love stories such as A Spinner in the Sun and Old Rose and Silver, and these sonnets are an exploration of the same theme through a different medium. - Summary by Carolin

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Sonnets from the Portuguese (version 3)

Sonnets from the Portuguese chronicles the deeply personal stages of courtship. (Summary by Newgatenovelist)

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Jacob Winkler Prins reisde veel en was een schilder. Hij besteedde veel tijd aan heide-ontginning op de Veluwe, om bloemen en planten te kunnen kweken. Als een auteur-schilder schreef hij realistische natuurpoëzie, geinspireerd door Shelley. Deze verzameling van 102 sonnetten was de eerste dichtbundel die hij publiceerde, na zowel onder het pseudoniem Kaspar Brandt als onder eigen naam romannen en verhalen gepubliceerd te hebben. Uit zijn gedichten blijkt duidelijk dat hij met een schilders-oog de wereld om hem heen bekeek en beschreef, en hij ziet de schoonheid in simpele dingen. Summary by Foon

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Las "Rimas" De Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer es una de sus obras mas conocidas y halagadas, en ellas encontramos referencias sobre todo al amor, pero también a otros sentimientos como la traición. Estas rimas han sido publicadas en modo póstumo, sin embargo, debido a la sublimidad de las mismas, mantienen mucha vigencia a la actualidad, constituyéndose en un clásico romántico imperdible. Summary by KendalRigans

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Von Blomberg beschreibt, wohl angeregt durch Bilder Raphaels, die Geschichte von Amor und Psyche im Oktavsatz. Diese wird durch Sonette über griechische Götter eingeleitet und mehrmals unterbrochen. Im Prolog beschreibt der Dichter selbst seine Motivation und warum er welchen Stil gewählt hat. - Summary by lorda

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Impresiones, Poesías.

Poesias escritas por José Campo Arana según los criticos de su obra tiene una marcada influencia de Bécquer. (Summary by Kendal Rigans)

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Shakespeare Sonnet 29

LibriVox volunteers bring you 32 recordings of Sonnet 29 by William Shakespeare. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for April 23, 2019. ------ A perennial Shakespeare favorite. The sober, almost depressed beginning ends with the sun shining through. Here is a playful video performance, a visual treat, by LV member iBeScotty - (William Allan Jones)

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A Calendar of Sonnets (Version 3)

Helen Hunt Jackson wrote poetry, nonfiction and fiction and was a popular author in her own time. This sonnet sequence reviews the months of the year and demonstrates her poetic talent. - Summary by Newgatenovelist

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Sonnet 38 from The Growth of Love

LibriVox volunteers bring you 21 recordings of Sonnet 38 from The Growth of Love by Robert Bridges. This was the Weekly Poetry project for August 9, 2020. ------ Robert Bridges (1844 - 1930) was the English Poet Laureate from 1913 until his death. A physician by training, he retired from practice in 1882 and devoted the remainder of his life to literary pursuits. This poem comes from 1898 edition of a sonnet collection entitled the Growth of Love. - Summary by Algy Pug

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Gedichte der Gefangenen – Ein Sonettenkreis

Ernst Toller war mit seinen Dramen einer der maßgeblichen Vertreter des literarischen Expressionismus in der Weimarer Republik. Wegen seinem Mitwirken an der Münchner Räterepublik wurde er zu einer Haftstrafe verurteilt.Während der Haft war Ernst Toller schriftstellerisch sehr produktiv und verfasste, unter anderem, diesen Sonetten-Band, in welchem er seinen Gefängnisaufenthalt verarbeitete. (Zusammenfassung von lorda)

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