The Mythmaker

Published: July 11, 2024, 7 a.m.

b"At the height of his powers, John Ford directs his masterpiece, an anti-racist Western called The Searchers. It\\u2019s a movie of contradictions: John Wayne plays the hero, but he's driven by hate and revenge. He\\u2019s searching for his niece, with the intent to kill her. Behind the scenes, Ford continues to use Monument Valley as a generic backdrop for the West without once acknowledging that it\\u2019s sacred Navajo land. And while Ford considered himself a friend to the Navajos, his portrayal of Native Americans is fraught with stereotypes. But these damaging images were used in service of creating a complex, fascinating film that dared to condemn bigotry and has mesmerized generations of film fans.\\nLearn more about your ad choices. Visit"