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Published: July 10, 2024, 10:33 p.m.


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The other day I was hiking with my kids.

And we were struggling to reach the top of a steep trail.

They kept looking up.

\\u201cLook how far we have to go.\\u201d

I told them to look back at how far we came.

That simple shift in perspective made all the difference.

It\'s not just about the destination\\u2026

It\\u2019s about enjoying the journey.

And I want to show you the 23 perspectives to find true meaning in life.

These gave me the perspective I needed to wake up every day invigorated and excited for life.

As entrepreneurs, we get so caught up with our goals and obsessed with where we\\u2019re going\\u2026

\\xa0We forget to zoom out and see how far we\\u2019ve come.

This steals happiness.

I often tell my private clients: \\u201cOnce upon a time, you DREAMED about having the problems you have today.\\u201d

A lot of people think, "Well, I gotta get to this NEXT GOAL, then I\\u2019ll be happy."

The funny part is\\u2026

In my experience, you\\u2019ve got to get your perspective right and be happy FIRST.

Then you\\u2019ll find purpose.

It\\u2019s going to stretch you\\u2026

And make you question what you\\u2019re doing with your time, where your life\\u2019s going, and who you\\u2019re spending it with.


On the other side is happiness, fulfillment, motivation, purpose, and momentum like you\\u2019ve never had before.

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