Smoke, fire and meat - BBQ Special

Published: July 12, 2018, 2:15 p.m.


Chef Peggy Brunache and food innovator Simon Preston fire up the barbecue and their imaginations as they attempt to recreate the tastes of a US style Barbecue pit using just a domestic oven and a \\xa320 BBQ.

We hear from the Yorkshire couple who have fallen so far in love with the smokey flavours of US style outdoor eating they\'ve imported a smoker and started up a BBQ Pit in Auldgirth in Dumfries.

Does Barbecue always mean beer? Not necessarily - Simon finds the red wines that can cope with even the smokiest flavours.

Peggy tells us about the history and regional variations in US barbecue culture. Why there is no such thing as "barbecue sauce" - we find out about three totally different authentic taste sensations that will enliven even the most wretched hunk of charred meat.

In a nod to our unpredictable weather we find out how to always be barbecue ready in just one hour.