5-Mile Food Challenge & Sustainable Wines

Published: Feb. 20, 2020, 2 p.m.


Chef Kirsten Gilmour has set herself a bit of a \\u201c5-mile challenge\\u201d, buying as much produce as possible from her local high street. She loves to support local businesses and cut down on the food miles but just how do-able is it? What little steps can we all take to shop more sustainably? And is it a case of being more organised and getting more creative with what IS available round the corner?

Continuing our occasional series on how to make the most of your food on a city break, ex-pat Ruth Barry shares her foodie favourites in Berlin.

Organic? Biodynamic? Vegan? Sustainable? Fancy going a bit more \\u201cgreen\\u201d with your wine purchases but finding the terminology a bit perplexing? Simon Preston rummages through the shelves of his local wine shop to see what\\u2019s available while wine expert Nikki Welch helps us unpick what the labels mean and just what we\\u2019re getting in terms of taste, cost and environmental impact.