I Got What I Wanted and Now Im Miserable

Published: July 10, 2024, 11 a.m.

b"On today\\u2019s episode, we hear about:\\xa0\\n\\xb7\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0A man who recently graduated from college and is feeling lost\\n\\xb7\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0A woman who\\u2019s wondering if she should tell her boyfriend about her past DUI\\n\\xb7\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0A man who wants to set healthy boundaries at his family business \\n\\nOffers From Today's Sponsors\\n\\xb7\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa010% off your first month of therapy at BetterHelp\\n\\xb7\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0Three free months of Hallow\\xa0\\n\\xb7\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa025% off Thorne orders\\xa0\\n\\xb7\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa020% off Organifi with code DELONY\\n\\xb7\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0Up to 30% off plus two free pillows at Helix Sleep\\n\\xb7\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0Up to 30% off Cozy Earth products with code DELONY\\n\\n\\xa0\\nNext Steps\\n\\U0001f36f Pick up a copy of Winnie-the-Pooh: Pooh Goes Visiting.\\n\\U0001f4de Ask John a question! Call 844-693-3291 or send us a message.\\n\\U0001f4da Building a Non-Anxious Life\\n\\U0001f4dd Anxiety Test \\xa0\\n\\U0001f4da Own Your Past, Change Your Future\\xa0\\n\\u2753 Questions for Humans Conversation Cards\\xa0\\n\\U0001f4ad John's Free Guided Meditation\\xa0\\n\\xa0\\nListen to More From Ramsey Network\\n\\U0001f399\\ufe0f The Ramsey Show\\n\\U0001f4b8 The Ramsey Show Highlights \\xa0\\xa0\\n\\U0001f378 Smart Money Happy Hour\\n\\U0001f4a1 The Rachel Cruze Show\\n\\U0001f4b0 George Kamel\\n\\U0001f4bc The Ken Coleman Show\\n\\U0001f4c8 EntreLeadership\\n\\xa0\\nRamsey Solutions Privacy Policy\\nhttps://www.ramseysolutions.com/company/policies/privacy-policy"