S27E59: Venus's Vanishing Vapors: The Mystery of a Bone-Dry Planet

Published: May 15, 2024, 2 a.m.

b'Embark on an interplanetary journey with SpaceTime Series 27 Episode 59, where we unravel the enigmatic atmosphere of Venus and its waterless environment. Discover the startling new study that suggests Venus lost its water reserves to space, leaving it with a mere fraction of Earth\'s water despite their similar origins. The episode dives into the complex chemical reactions in Venus\'s atmosphere that may have turned a once Earth-like planet into a scorching, inhospitable world.
Next, we explore the innovative ideas NASA is considering for future lunar logistics, including a magnetic railroad system designed to transport materials across the Moon\'s surface. This system could revolutionize the way we build and sustain lunar bases, pushing the boundaries of off-world construction and resource utilization.
The episode then shifts to the launch of a cutting-edge satellite from the International Space Station. This new eye in the sky aims to provide early warnings of volcanic eruptions by detecting trace gases, a game-changer for disaster preparedness and environmental monitoring.
Join us as we delve into these cosmic developments and more, including the implications of AI biases and the latest in tech from Apple.

Tune into SpaceTime with Stuart Gary for a deep dive into the latest astronomical insights and technological advancements.

(00:00) This is spacetime series 27, episode 59, for broadcast on 15 May 2024
(00:42) Study claims Venus loses twice as much water every day through dissociative recombination
(06:16) NASA is looking at building a railway on the moon to transport freight
(16:23) Ultra processed junk foods associated with higher risk of premature death, study finds
(18:52) Apple has formally released its new Apple Air and Apple Pro iPads
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