How to go viral on social media (ft. Grace Wells)

Published: July 10, 2024, noon


In Episode 11, Erin interviews Grace Wells, a Gen Z content creator, filmmaker, and self-made commercial director. During the pandemic, Grace was finishing up her bachelors degree in Linguistics when she discovered her passion for video.

She self-taught herself how to film, edit, animate, and produce videos. She started sharing her hobby online and went mega-viral overnight. Today, she has over 3 MILLION followers, was awarded Creator of the Year, signed on as a commercial director with Tool of NA, signed with Whalar, and has been hired to create ads for brands such as Maybelline, Celsius, Pampers, Amazon Prime Video, Adobe, QuickBooks, Old Spice, Kiehls, Cascade, Loreal, and many others.

We also talk about managing finances, social anxiety, COVID, and more. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to work for themselves, become a content creator or filmmaker, especially if you're in your 20s!

\\u279e In this episode:

0:00 Meet Grace!

3:11 Grace upbringing + background

4:14 Working as a content creator/director

6:28 Going to school in Scotland

11:10 Switching majors & COVID in the UK

19:20 Social Anxiety & Going Viral

22:47 How to teach yourself skills online

25:10 Monetizing internet videos

32:49 Long-term goals/plans/strategy

34:10 Managing finances as a content creator

39:33 Advice with Erin & Grace


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