Elle Evans, WEDDING ISSUES: A Novel

Published: April 2, 2024, 4 a.m.


Zibby Books author alert!! Zibby speaks with debut author (and resident doctor!) Elle Evans about WEDDING ISSUES, a laugh-out-loud, feel-good story about a charismatic law student who is the maid of honor for two brides competing for the same magazine cover: her best friend and her cousin. Elle describes her unique path to writing and what it\\u2019s like to juggle it with a demanding medical career. Then, she reveals some of the inspiration behind this novel, touching on some of her wedding mishaps (it involves purple shirts and tofu). She also delves into her novel\\u2019s themes: friendship, LGBTQ representation, messy family dynamics and generational tensions, and the pursuit of personal and professional fulfillment.

Purchase on Bookshop: https://bit.ly/4aEUGtt

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