S2E39: The Fox That Can't Fall Asleep

Published: April 2, 2024, 7:01 a.m.


Join Levi & ivy on a magical journey as they solve Levi\\u2019s sleep troubles with help from a nocturnal fox named Jefferson. With a dreamland forest as the backdrop, Levi learns the importance of sleep schedules and friendship, leading to a restful resolution for both him and Jefferson.


Welcome to Lively Lewis Stories!! You may know us from The Lively Lewis Show!! This is our podcast where siblings Levi and Ivy go on incredible adventures, where they learn and model positive life lessons. These imaginative stories of Levi\'s energetic personality and Ivy\'s spunky silliness will keep you engaged, laughing and learning episode after episode! Our goal is to create a safe environment for kids to listen and learn about strong values, big imaginations, humorous pretend play, and healthy family dynamics. Our stories are great for bedtime stories, car rides, or just for fun! Thanks for listening!!

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