Episode 7: A Stick of Time

Published: April 2, 2024, 4:08 a.m.

b'A fate for every soul. Host Emily Yoshida and guests break down episode 7 of FX\\u2019s Sho\\u0304gun. Featuring executive producer and co-creator Rachel Kondo, actor Hiroyuki Sanada "Toranaga," producer Eriko Miyagawa and composer Leopold Ross. From Toranaga\'s complicated relationship with his son, Nagakado, to a music score so compelling it tells a story, episode 7 breakdown will delve into the heart of Sho\\u0304gun.\\n\\nWatch episode 7 of Sho\\u0304gun on Hulu and FX in the U.S., Disney+ internationally and Star+ in Latin America. For a deeper look inside the show, head to the Official Sho\\u0304gun Viewer\\u2019s Guide.\\n\\nFX.tv/Shogun\\n\\n\\nFX Alerts\\nGet the latest news and exclusives from FX including show premieres and more.\\nhttps://fx.attn.tv/p/xMg/\\n\\n\\n\\nSho\\u0304gun: The Official Podcast is produced by FX in association with AT WILL MEDIA.'