TFA004 Are UK Shares Cheap Right Now or One of The Worst Places to Invest?

Published: Sept. 16, 2023, 9:30 p.m.


Today\\u2019s episode is less about individual companies and more about the wider investing concerns around UK PLC and what could be done to help the UK become more attractive for individual investors and more attractive for companies to list here.

Chris covers a wide range of concerns and solutions that could help improve conditions for investors, and the companies that list here.

Other key topics discussed:

\\xb7\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0 Are UK shares cheap right now or one of the worst places to invest?

\\xb7\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0 What can investors and the UK government do to improve conditions?

\\xb7\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0 The changing nature of AIM over the last 10 years

\\xb7\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0 How to become a better analyst

\\xb7\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0\\xa0 Solutions to encouraging more companies to list.


1:15 Discussing whether UK shares are cheap right now or one of the worst places to invest.

3:15 Using British American Tobacco (BATS) as an example of a company that could do more.

5:50 Could the UK government do more to foster UK-focused investment?

6:45 Discussing Abcam (ABCM) leaving AIM, and what could be done to encourage companies to stay listed in the UK.

11:45 How to become a better analyst.

15:00 How to cultivate patience.

17:15 The rise of passive investing.

19:00 Discussing inheritance tax breaks and tax incentives to help encourage companies to list.

21:35 Closing thoughts and an invite for founder-led companies or long-term CEOs to get in touch and share their journey/story on the podcast.

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