FYR071 UK Macro View, Stock Analysis & Timing | Neil Shah Director of Research at Edison Group

Published: June 15, 2023, 5:06 p.m.


Neil was a fantastic guest sharing many valuable insights that would benefit the experienced investor and the new investor. During this conversation, Neil shares the macro view of the UK stock market, including insights from Neil\\u2019s extensive network of fund managers.

Neil Shah is the director of research at Edison Group, an investment research and advisory company with over 80 investment analysts spanning the globe.

Neil shares some of the best and some of the worst performers from Edison\\u2019s model portfolio the illuminator that has returned over %1300 since its inception in 2008.

Neil discusses the key metrics his team looks for before adding or removing a company from the portfolio and how he improves those analytical skills over time. He gives an in-depth review of what Edison research does and how this benefits the wider investor community.


1:35 Neil\\u2019s background and journey.

2:50 The macro view of the UK share market with a 6 to 12-month outlook.

5:30 Companies being taken out and spotting value in the UK share market.

7:30 Discussing the illuminator model portfolio\'s best and worst performers and its %1300+ gain.

11:20 Discussing having a concentrated portfolio vs a diversified portfolio.

14:15 Neil discusses the latest addition to the illuminator model portfolio.

16:15 Improving your skills as a stock analyst starting with the basics.

22:10 What does Edison Research do?

28:15 Closing thoughts and wrap up.

Hope you enjoy this episode and have a wonderful day.

The FYR Team.

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Guest Links & Resources:

Visit Edison Research Group: https://www.edisongroup.com/

Edison Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/Edison_Inv_Res

Edison LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/edison-group-/

Visit Fund Your Retirement: https://www.fundyourretirement.com/


Disclaimer: This presentation is for educational purposes only. All opinions and information are for demonstrational purposes and do not constitute investment advice. Trading and investing carries a high level of risk and are not right for everyone. If you need financial advice, consult with a regulated financial adviser in your country before making any decisions.