FYR054 How to Get Started Dividend Investing with Chip Stites

Published: April 19, 2022, 4:30 p.m.

Chip Stites is back with us to share his knowledge on how to get started with dividend investing. Chip, a retired financial adviser shares his six-step process of how he selects dividend-paying stocks for his retirement portfolio.

Chip shares how his investments have changed over his 40-year investing career to where he is today retired living in Italy and managing his portfolio of dividend-paying stocks.

Chip is a retired financial adviser so there is no one better placed, to share the key insights on how to manage your finances leading up to retirement, preparing your finances for the transition, and then how to manage them in retirement.


0:00 to 2:35 Introduction

2:36 to 10:20 How Chip’s investments have changed over his 40-year investing career.

10:21 to 13:01 Chip’s retirement future proof formula.

13:02 to 18:20 Chip’s six-step process for buying dividend-paying stocks.

18:21 to 21:30 Taking dividends vs drawing down.

21:32 to 26:05 Value style dividend investing vs growth stocks.

26:06 to 30:24 How does a portfolio of dividend stocks fair in a crash environment.

30:25 to 33:10 Chips key message with the benefit of hindsight.

33:11 to 35:01 Where you can follow and connect with chip.

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day.

The FYR team.

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Disclaimer: This presentation is for educational purposes only. All opinions and information are for demonstrational purposes and do not constitute investment advice. Trading and investing carries a high level of risk and are not right for everyone. If you need financial advice, consult with a regulated financial adviser in your country before making any decisions.