FYR033 This will be the century of clean energy transition and mineral constraints with Matt Watson

Published: Nov. 17, 2021, 5 a.m.


This will be the century of clean energy transition and mineral constraints says Matt Watson, founder, and president of Precious Metals Commodity Management LLC.

Matt\\xa0 Watson Specialises in precious metals markets and its supply chain,\\xa0 Matt assists clients ranging from\\xa0 Mining,\\xa0 Investors,\\xa0 Industrial\\xa0 Precious Metals\\xa0 Users,\\xa0 Processors,\\xa0 and\\xa0 Recyclers and coaches industrial clients on how to reduce costs, design thrift, and anticipate market changes.\\xa0 Matt has also worked with the Silver Institute in studying the ever\\u2010increasing industrial demands on silver.

Matt Watsons says that this will be the century of clean energy and mineral constraints.\\xa0 Silver\\u2019s use as a\\xa0 key conductive energy collecting vehicle for the Solar PV market is an example of one of these potentially constraining clean energy mineral limits.

Matt Watson also goes on to explain in great detail how the shift to clean energy will create massive mineral constraints due to the high demand such as Copper, Nickel, Cobolt, ruthenium, iridium, platinum, and palladium.

0:00 to 1:10 Introduction\\xa0

1:11 to 2:33 How Matt Watson got started in the precious\\xa0metal space in silicon valley.\\xa0

2:34 to 7:29\\xa0The century of clean energy transition and mineral constraints.

7:30 to 12:20\\xa0Huge expansion in mining requirements to meet EV battery demands.

12:21 to 18:05 The environmental\\xa0impact of the extra mining requirements.\\xa0

18:06 to 22:05\\xa0The massive amounts of battery metals required for the EV transition.

22:06 to 23:17 The minerals required for fuel cell-powered transportation.\\xa0

23:18 to 26:16 What is fuel cell technology (hydrogen-based fuel).

26:17 to 28:00 Why isn\'t there more discussion into the extra mining required?\\xa0

28:01 to 29:04 We will have to grow our global power grid by 50% by 2050.

29:05 to 30:46 What is the life cycle\\xa0of EVs and their\\xa0batteries?

30:45 to 31:32 IEA predicts critical\\xa0mineral constraints.\\xa0

31:33 to 32:50 Hydrogen fuel cell could be a viable alternative solution.\\xa0

32:51 to 36:23\\xa0Solar demand to consume 50% of the silver market by 2050.

36:24 to 40:27 Subsidising access to clean energy while failing to increase the supply side.

40:28 to 42:35 Why do they turn solar off in California almost daily, and what it could be used for?

43:00 to 46:30 Raising the question where will all\\xa0the clean\\xa0energy come from?

46:30\\xa0 to 53:32 The clean transition\\xa0will create fantastic long-term investment opportunities.

53:33 to 57:18 The recycling space will have to increase also creating opportunities.

57:23 to 1:00:44 How you can learn more about Matt Watson and where to follow him.\\xa0

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