FYR014 Hywel discusses trending on LinkedIn, LinkedIn hashtags and building a solid business foundation

Published: June 17, 2020, 8 a.m.


Hywel joined us for episode 10 discussing business planning, how covid-19 has affected the business environment and the growth and success of online business networking.

One area we touched on was creating a solid business foundation, which to me, is so crucial for setting up a successful business, so I asked Hywel to come back on and expand on the areas required for a solid business foundation.

0:00 to \\xa01:30 Introduction.

1:31 to 2:20 How Hywel\\u2019s consultancy business has been getting back to the new normal.

2:21 to 6:38 Building a business on a solid foundation.

6:40 to 8:31 Underatsning what your mission and vision are and the difference between them.

8:32 to 10:49 The acceleration towards an entrepreneurial economy.

10:50 to 12:05 The rise of Hywel, the influencer and the influencer market.

12:06 to 15:56 Trending on Linkedin, topics, hashtags and how to.

15:57 to 18:56 The importance of a one to one

18:57 to 21:09 Wrap up

Have a wonderful day,

The FYR team.


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