FYR004 Principle Three Investing and Trading

Published: April 8, 2020, 9:42 a.m.


Fund Your Retirement Five Principles

Investing and Trading is principle number three of the five principles for Funding Your Retirement.

Investing and Trading can simply be defined as the ability to generate income and build long term wealth for you and your family from global currencies, stocks, commodities, and shares.

Understanding how to earn income and growth from the financial markets will be a crucial building block of your Retirement Prosperity. The financial markets are the deepest pool of financial resources on the planet.\\xa0 There is no shortage of money, just merely an understanding of how to access it.

Trading and Investing are two approaches\\xa0to profiting from the financial markets. Both groups have the same goal but choose different timeframes and strategies in achieving the overall aim. Both offer great value when using the financial markets to fund your retirement.\\xa0

By using the five fundamental principles outlined in this mini-series, you can accelerate your financial self-sufficiency and fund your retirement.