162. Will the Housing Market Ever Get Better? with Daryl Fairweather (Redfin Chief Economist)

Published: June 11, 2024, 9 a.m.

b"Is the dream of homeownership feeling more like a distant fantasy? Ready to cut through the chaos of today's wild housing market? Tune in to today\\u2019s episode as Tori sits down with Redfin's Chief Economist, Daryl Fairweather, to unlock the secrets of buying smart in 2024.\\nFrom the effects of the pandemic on housing prices to the critical role of government policy in addressing affordability, this conversation uncovers it all. Daryl also discusses innovative strategies for first-time buyers, the impact of climate change on homeownership, and the surprising trends in migration that are reshaping cities across the US. Whether you're actively looking to buy a home or just want to stay informed about the market, this episode is packed with valuable information that you won't want to miss.\\nRead transcripts, learn more about our guests and sponsors, and get more resources at https://herfirst100k.com/financial-feminist-show-notes/162-will-the-housing-market-ever-get-better-with-daryl-fairweather-redfin-chief-economist/.\\xa0\\nNot sure where to start on your financial journey? Take our FREE money personality quiz! https://herfirst100k.com/quiz.\\nCheck out Daryl\\u2019s upcoming book: \\nHate the Game: Economic Cheat Codes for Life, Love, and Work\\nFollow Daryl on X\\nFollow Daryl on Instagram\\n\\nSpecial thanks to our sponsors:\\nThrive Causemetics\\nGet an exclusive 10% off your first order at thrivecausemetics.com/FFPOD\\nMasterclass\\nGet an extra 15% off any annual membership at masterclass.com/FFPOD\\nSquarespace\\nGo to www.squarespace.com/FFPOD to save 10% off your first website or domain purchase.\\nHill House\\nVisit hillhousehome.com and use the discount code TORI at check out for 15% off.\\nLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices"