Analyzing Economies Round 3: Middle East, Africa, South America, and North America

Published: April 2, 2024, 7 a.m.

b"This episode is a continuation of analyzing the economies around the world, with Noah Smith and Erik Torenberg focusing on the Middle East, Africa, South America, and North America. They discuss the economic challenges and solutions in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, as well as Latin America\\u2019s drug problem and Canada\\u2019s economic stagnation.\\n\\nThis show is produced by Turpentine: a network of podcasts, newsletters, and more, covering technology, business, and culture \\u2014 all from the perspective of industry insiders and experts. We\\u2019re launching new shows every week, and we\\u2019re looking for industry-leading sponsors \\u2014 if you think that might be you and your company, email us at\\n_\\nSPONSOR: HARMONIC\\n\\U0001f9f2 Learn why Craft, Bedrock, NEA and 100s more trust Harmonic\\u2019s data to source deals. Harmonic is the most complete startup database, finding new companies as soon as they incorporate and tracking them through IPO. Head to and make sure to mention Turpentine VC during your demo.\\n_\\nSEND US YOUR Q's FOR NOAH TO ANSWER ON AIR:\\n_\\nRECOMMENDED PODCAST:\\nTurpentine Finance\\xa0\\xa0\\nHost Sasha Orloff (3x Founder & CEO) is joined by top founders and finance leaders at high growth tech companies who share how they navigated huge make-or-break decisions, rode inflection points, and architected success. If you want to learn the mental models and tactics top business leaders and CFOs, subscribe below. Debut episode features Casey Woo unpacking his wild ride managing billions in budgets at WeWork\\xa0\\u2013 arguably one of the craziest capital stories ever.\\n\\nListen on Spotify:\\xa0\\nListen on Apple:\\n-\\nAutopilot explores the adoption and rollout of AI in the industries that drive the economy and the dynamic founders bringing rapid change to slow-moving industries. From law, to hardware, to aviation, Will Summerlin interviews founders backed by Benchmark, Greylock, and more to learn how they're automating at the frontiers in entrenched industries.\\nListen on Spotify:\\nListen on Apple:\\n_\\n\\nLinks:\\nNoah Smith's Noahpinion\\n_\\n\\xa0X / TWITTER:\\n@noahpinion (Noah)\\n@eriktorenberg (Erik)\\n@TurpentineMedia (Turpentine)\\n_\\n\\nTIMESTAMPS:\\n(00:00) Intro\\n(00:32) Egypt's economic challenges\\n(05:25) How rich is Saudi Arabia\\n(13:57) Sponsor: Turpentine\\n(15:13) Africa\\u2019s population growth and demographic dynamics\\n(32:49) Africa\\u2019s economic potential\\n(38:58) Mexico's manufacturing and security woes\\n(43:48) Brazil's potential in South American manufacturing\\n(48:01) Latin America's fight against inequality\\n(55:12) Dominican Republic's economic success\\n(01:00:51) Canada's economic stagnation\\n(01:05:33) Wrap"