Vaccines Exposed: The Scandal You Can't Ignore! | Jay Campbell DSH #546

Published: July 10, 2024, noon

b'\\U0001f31f **Vaccines Exposed: The Scandal You Can\'t Ignore!** \\U0001f31f\\n\\nJoin Sean Kelly in this eye-opening episode of the Digital Social Hour as he dives deep into the controversial world of vaccines with guest Jay Campbell. From groundbreaking revelations to shocking truths, this episode is packed with valuable insights you won\'t want to miss! \\U0001f489\\U0001f4a5\\n\\nJay Campbell, renowned health expert and author, shares his jaw-dropping experiences and research on the hidden truths behind vaccines. Discover why he believes vaccines are a scam and how they\'re altering our energy fields and consciousness. \\U0001f92f\\n\\n\\U0001f680 Tune in now to uncover:\\n- The untold story behind the book "Sanctity of Human Blood" \\U0001f4da\\n- The clash between traditional medicine and health optimization \\U0001f3e5\\U0001f48a\\n- The connection between vaccines, autism, and autoimmune diseases \\U0001f9e0\\n- How to raise your vibration and consciousness through health optimization \\U0001f31f\\n\\nDon\'t miss out on this controversial and must-see episode. Watch now and subscribe for more insider secrets. \\U0001f4fa Hit that subscribe button and stay tuned for more eye-opening stories on the Digital Social Hour with Sean Kelly! \\U0001f680\\n\\n\\U0001f4e3 **Join the conversation:** What are your thoughts on vaccines? Do you agree with Jay Campbell\'s views? Drop your comments below and let\'s get the discussion started! \\U0001f4ac\\n\\n#DigitalSocialHour #SeanKelly #Podcast #VaccinesExposed #JayCampbell #HealthOptimization #ApplePodcasts #Spotify #VaccineScandal\\n\\n\\U0001f449 **Watch now and subscribe for more insider secrets!** \\U0001f448\\n\\n#VaccinePodcast #VaccineIssues #VaccineMyths #VaccineDiscussion #VaccineDangers\\n\\nCHAPTERS:\\n00:00 - Intro\\n0:41 - Why did you start talking about these subjects\\n5:07 - Vaccines are changing the energy field of the baby\\n6:38 - Did you have testosterone issues when you were younger\\n9:50 - Peptides\\n12:19 - Where Does He Get His Health News\\n14:05 - Cost of Peptides\\n16:18 - How to find high quality supplements\\n17:37 - Is the FDA trying to ban peptides\\n19:53 - Does a vegan diet suppress your power\\n24:35 - Environmental Contamination\\n26:38 - Medical Industry Corruption\\n28:42 - Constant War on Our Minds\\n30:40 - Mental Warfare on Teenage Girls\\n34:00 - EMF Rocks\\n35:35 - Apply to be on the DSH\\n37:21 - Is the transhumanist agenda global\\n41:31 - What happens after the top of the mountain\\n42:18 - Densities\\n45:50 - Service to self vs service to others\\n46:50 - The Dark Side\\u2019s Interest in Keeping Us Depressed\\n49:13 - We Are Energetic Food for the Dark Side\\n52:45 - Ascension: Moving to 4th Density\\n55:24 - Earth resets every 26,000 years\\n57:19 - When will the singularity happen\\n59:46 - What is our purpose\\n1:02:40 - Reality creation\\n1:05:25 - Victim mentality\\n1:07:55 - Thoughts being hijacked\\n1:10:07 - Where to find Jay\\n\\nAPPLY TO BE ON THE PODCAST:\\nBUSINESS INQUIRIES/SPONSORS:\\n\\nGUEST: Jay Campbell\\n\\n\\xa0\\n\\nSPONSORS:\\nDeposyt Payment Processing:\\n\\nLISTEN ON:\\nApple Podcasts:\\nSpotify:\\nSean Kelly Instagram:\\nLearn more about your ad choices. Visit'