How to Drop a Piano

Published: Sept. 17, 2021, 7:01 p.m.

Ryver Cooper (Mabz Beet) needs a break and in order to learn their lines for the lead role in a new but dismal play, they book into a B&B in a quiet leafy backwater in Stratford upon Avon.

Margaret Grainger (Jane Asher) who owns the establishment is desperately trying to keep the mansion roof over her head with innovative ways to pay the bills.

Her lodger Libby Lentil (Lesley Joseph) provides some of this much needed cash and surplus to requirements drama. An unexpected weekend of revelations, desperations and reparations... while they all learn the fine art of how to drop a piano...

Tackling themes of love, loss and living an authentic life, “How to Drop a Piano” is Samantha Griersons latest neurodivergent and LGBT+ comedy.


Ryver Cooper by Mabz Beet

Margaret Grainger by Jane Asher

Libby Lentil by Lesley Joseph

Monica by Suzy Bloom

Lionel / The Major by Andrew Spooner

Sound Production Jack Townley

Written Directed and Produced by Samantha Grierson

Theme Tune “Drop it and go” – lyrics written by Samantha Grierson, piano and composition by Madge Woollard, Vocals by Rosie Eggleston, Bass by Jo Whateley, Mixed by Paul Reynolds. The team who created the theme tune all identify as autistic.

Samantha Grierson, Writer, Director and Producer of How to Drop a Piano, received a later life diagnosis of Autism in 2018, changing the course of her life forever. What was initially a shock, became the driving force behind her creativity and allowed her to revive her love of writing. In addition to Kitty, Sam has written a series of plays which deal with later life diagnosis of autism/ADHD and motherhood, including Henpire, Crocodile (Heather Peace), Mole (Sharon Morgan) and Kitty (Miriam Margolyes) which are available on all major platforms. Sam lives in Rugby with her 3 children.