Henpire Episode 5 "Soft Hands"

Published: March 15, 2021, 8:24 p.m.

Drax, Ella and Hen go ghost hunting in Hebden Bridge on the hunt for the ghost of Silvia Plath.

Written by Sam Grierson Schwarz: https://www.crabandbull.com Directed by Jacquie Lawrence

Starring: Alicya Eyo as Hen Patricia Potter as Ella

3 women set out to create a women’s “media empire” and in doing so realise that their very different lives may just be the key to their success. Navigating themes of motherhood and other hood, sexuality, difference, sex and friendship, Henpire is a fast paced, irreverent comedy podcast written by Samantha Grierson Schwarz, an autistic and gay writer.

Heather Peace as Drax

Executive Producer: Pippa Dale

Associate Producer: Susie Hanlon

Co-Produced by Jackdaw Media Limited:

https://www.jackdaw.media Co-Produced by LBTQ Women:


Music: Horse - "Don't give up"


Sound Designer: Wilfredo Ascosta Post Production: Sade Giliberti

Legal: Elise Schwarz Recording Studios: Sound House Studios https://www.thesoundhousestudios.co.uk/