Daring to be different with Learning from Autistic teachers Madge Woollard & Susanna Matthan

Published: July 17, 2022, 8:48 a.m.

Daring to be different “Learning from Autistic teachers - How to Be a Neurodiversity-Inclusive School ” I chat with two of the authors Madge Woollard a music teacher and Autistic Advocate and Susanna Matthan is a Freelance specialist teacher, full time student and Positive Autistic Advocate.

We chat about the book, the realities of being an Autistic teacher and working with Autistic children, later life autism diagnosis, the risks of coming out as Neurodivergent at work & University, asking for reasonable adjustments at work, gender and neurodivergence.

Welcome to the Sam Grierson interview series, chatting to change makers who have Dared to Be Different and stand up and speak out. We discuss social change that has occurred over the last 30 years, how language has evolved and is evolving and how we still have more work to do. I am interested to look at the role that the Arts play, to both inspire, provoke, educate and support social change.

Actors, Singers, Members of Parliament, Artists, Authors, Activists, and Entrepreneurs who all dare… Sam Grierson interviews… Daring to be different…

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Trigger Warning: This podcast episode may, at times, cover sensitive topics including but not limited to Autism Diagnosis, treatment, Neurodivergent terminology, historical treatment for autism, mental health issues. You are advised to refrain from listening if you are likely to be offended or adversely impacted by any of these topics.