EP. 33 - Appropriation or Appreciation? Cultural Sustainability with Monica Boța-Moisin

Published: Sept. 13, 2021, 3 a.m.

Is it ever OK to use the designs of a community that’s not your own? Today we’re exploring the issue of cultural appropriation, and what it means for the Indigenous communities that designers and brands like to ‘take inspiration’ from.

To help us digest this meaty issue we’re joined by the wonderful Monica Boța-Moisin, a cultural IP rights lawyer, and founder of the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative (CIPRI). Monica chatted to us about how brands can move from ‘Ego to Eco’ when creating clothes, and why the three Cs of consent, credit, and compensation can build bridges between traditional artisans and the fashion industry.

Find out more about CIPRI via their website, and on Instagram, and find out more about Monica’s Why We Craft initiative.

Read about the Oma people’s journey to create their database in this Fashion Revolution article. You can also delve deeper into the implications of cultural appropriation in this Fashion Revolution Zine.

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