EP. 26 Loved Clothes Last with Orsola de Castro

Published: Feb. 8, 2021, 3 a.m.

This week we’re joined by the co-founder of Fashion Revolution Orsola de Castro, as she releases her new book: Loved Clothes Last.

Fashion Revolution has been instrumental in bringing the ethical fashion conversation into the public eye, and Orsola’s passion and knowledge for this subject is second to none. Listen to our conversation for an insight into her new book, advice on how we can all become fashion revolutionaries, and a first look into what’s coming up for Fashion Revolution Week 2021.

You can purchase Orsola’s Book Loved Clothes Last on Bookshop.org as an ethical alternative to Amazon.

Follow Fashion Revolution on Instagram and Twitter. Orsola also mentions the work of Celine Semaan of Slow Factory and Study Hall. We’ve linked to these great organisations so you can get involved.

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