EP. 24 Mending a Broken System: The Power of Clothes Repair

Published: Jan. 25, 2021, 4 a.m.

Repair is revolutionary, and today we are joined by two experts in this field to explore the power of sewing in combating the fast fashion system of consumption.

First we spoke to Ros Studd, the creator of the free online resource for beginner sewers, Repair What You Wear. Since launching during the first lockdown, thousands of people have used her simple, accessible videos to learn how to mend their own clothes. We find out more about this project and how it’s educating the next generation of fashion revolutionaries. Follow Repair What You Wear on Instagram here.

Next we spoke to Siobhan McKenna, the designer behind the sustainable fashion brand ReJean Denim. ReJean’s signature product is a classic, genderless denim jacket made from a patchwork of preloved jeans, but Siobhan also provides a dedicated repair shop for any brand of denim products. We discussed whether the buck stops with consumers or brands when it comes to repairs, and why altering your fast fashion garments is an act of beauty. Follow Rejean on Instagram here.

We also briefly mention Sojo, a new app connecting customers to local tailors. You can find out more about the app in this Refinery 29 Article.

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