Who Are The JSA? - Erik Marino - Ep 39

Published: May 14, 2021, 3:43 p.m.

In this deeply nerdy episode, we look at the Justice Society of America, aka the JSA, who will be featured in the upcoming Black Adam movie starring The Rock. My guest is Erik Marino. Which Flash, Green Lantern and Atom were in the original JSA? Who else was on the team? Who is Dr. Fate? Who would win in a fight, Dr. Strange or Dr. Fate? What happened in Crisis on Infinite Earths? Is Pierce Brosnan a good choice to play Dr. Fate in a movie? Who was the first Green Lantern? Why does Earth have so many Green Lanterns and who are they? Who is Hourman? What happened to Batman, Robin and Superman on Earth-2? Which is more important, story or art? Who was the All-Star Squadron? Is there a difference between Hawkgirl and Hawkwoman? Was Batman in the JSA originally? Who is The Huntress? Who is Power Girl? Who is Stripesy? Who is The Spectre? Who was the original Sandman? Why does DC love a crisis?

Reading list: Legends mini series (John Byrne), Starman (James Robinson), Swamp Thing (Alan Moore), Spectre (Jim Aparo), Sandman (Nail Gaiman), The Immortal Dr. Fate mini-series

Watch tips: Young Justice, Stargirl