What is Collecting? - Ep 113

Published: Oct. 14, 2022, 7:37 p.m.


This week\'s guest is comedian and podcaster Tom Kelly! What happened at Ben Rosenfeld\'s album taping?
How does Tom make a living? Is She-Hulk a "girl comic"? Why was She-Hulk created? Was She-Hulk breaking the fourth wall before Deadpool? What are they missing on the She-Hulk Disney Plus series? Does Jennifer Walters like being She-Hulk? Why is Brett behind on She-Hulk? What happened in Inferno? When were comics like Bitcoin? What happened to the nerds when the bullies weren\'t around? Who told Tom to bag and board his comics? What is "potential nostalgia"? What is collecting about? How are is the She-Hulk comic different from the TV version? What did Tom like about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds? Why did Brett like Ms. Marvel? What does Tom think of the two Suicide Squad movies? Was The Suicide Squad script a first draft?

Reading tips: John Byrne\'s work on Fantastic Four, X-Men and She-Hulk; She-Hulk graphic novel