What If Spoilers - Ep 55

Published: Sept. 3, 2021, 10:28 p.m.

HUGE SPOILER WARNING. This week is all about Marvel's What If on Disney Plus. We spoil EVERYTHING. What is the overarching theme of the series? What happens in the third episode? Which voice actors didn't come back and reprise their roles? Why is it good that this is an animated series? What moments from the movies would we like to see on future episodes of What If? For example: What if Hawkeye died instead of Black Widow? Or what if Isiah Bradley stayed Captain America? What if Iron Man put a suit of armor around the world? What else is coming up this season? Why haven't we seen Uncle Ben in the recent Spider-Man movies? How good is James Spader? When will we get an MCU Fantastic Four?

Reading tips: Marvel Zombies; What If...?
Watch tips: Captain America and the Winter Soldier; What If...?

Recorded 9-1-21 via Cleanfeed