What DC Is Doing Wrong - Ray Gootz - Ep 84

Published: March 25, 2022, 8:02 p.m.


This week we're joined by Ray Gootz! What comic is a hot seller on eBay right now? What comic did Marvel stop making when they didn't have the movie rights? Who did they try to replace the X-Men with? Which Eternal was in the Avengers? How big is Ray's collection of comic books? Why is it hard to sell comics at a comic store? If you're not going to read it, why buy it? What books did Ray lose in a flood? How heavy is a comic book long box? What is Fantastic Four Unlimited? Who is on the Midnight Sons team? When will they do a new movie version of Ghost Rider? Is Agents of SHIELD not canon? How young was Ray when he started reading comics? What were Star Comics? Where does the mutant Magma come from? When did the Spider-Man comic fall apart? Why did they get rid of Peter Parker and Mary Jane's marriage? Why do comics writers always want to turn things back to when they were kids? Which Spider-Man character is back in the books? Is comic book collecting a rich person's game? Should comic book publishers lower their prices? Where did Brett first buy comic books? Which DC event caused Ray to stop buying their books? What is One Star Squadron and which character is now a villain? What did Alan Moore say about DC's continuity? Is DC ashamed of their characters? Is it OK for DC characters to be uncool and corny? Why does everyone love Captain America now? What would Marvel never do? What do the people in charge of DC think of Hawkman? What is the Dark Multiverse?

Recorded 3-20-22 via Zencastr