Wakanda Forever Speculation - Ep 106

Published: Aug. 26, 2022, 7:54 p.m.


My guest this week is comedian Gregory Hall.

Is 9 years old late to start reading comic books? Why does Gregory like Superman? Do the Christopher Reeve Superman movies hold up all these years later? What were films like before CGI? What happened in the Knightfall comic books? Who was Bane in the comics? What is the difference between movie Bane and comic book Bane? What was Bane\'s first appearance onscreen? What happens after Bane breaks Batman\'s back? What\'s the most unrealistic thing about Batman - the fact that he\'s in amazing physical condition or the fact that he\'s a rich guy who fights crime? Who is more believable, Punisher or Batman? Who is Cyborg Superman? Who is Steel based on? Who was The Eradicator? What\'s going on with HBO Max? What is Bugsy Malone (not a superhero movie but worth seeing)? Who were the Milestone characters? What comic did Brett have that he sold for too little? How was the Static cartoon series different from the comic book? What touchy topic did they deal with in Icon and Rocket? Who is Hardware? Who are the Blood Syndicate? What\'s different about the new Static comics? Why were all the people with powers bad guys except Static? What kind of collecting does Brett want to do? Who is Gregory\'s favorite Spider-Man? What video game do people think was ripped off from Static? What action figures does Gregory have? What does "Team Killmonger" mean? What comic should you read if you want to know what\'s going to happen in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever? What is Marvel doing that DC should emulate? What storylines would Gregory like to see DC tackle onscreen? What is the key difference between Marvel and DC?

Reading list: Knightfall; Death of Superman; Static; Hardware; Blood Syndicate; Icon and Rocket

Watch list: HBO Max documentary Milestone Generations; Black Panther; DC\'s Legends of Tomorrow

Recorded 8-25-22 via Zoom