Ultimate Doctor Strange and More - Ep 115

Published: Oct. 28, 2022, 7:54 p.m.


What two characters does David like at the same time? What version of Dr. Strange does David prefer? What superhero video game did David and Brett like? What show was Dr. Fate on? What DC movie is getting a sequel? What do young people do that Brett doesn't? How does David consume comic books? What happens in Blackest Night? What Marvel movie is Brett excited about? What's coming up with the MCU? What rumor does Brett hope actually happens? What is Bleach about? What is Naruto about? What show is it like? What is One Piece about? What is Webtoon? What comic just started on Webtoon and quickly rose to number one? Why is Webtoon genius? Why does Brett feel like he has to watch She-Hulk? How was David keeping up with She-Hulk? Was there anything in Ms. Marvel that will show up in a later MCU movie? What did Brett like about Multiverse of Madness? Why doesn't David like Booster Gold? What comic book series is going to be important in the MCU?

Reading tips: Young Avengers and the Children's Crusade; Blackest Night; World War Hulk; Naruto; One Piece; Bleach; All on Webtoon - Outrage, Red Hood - Outlaws, God of High School, Tower of God; Invincible; The Boys; DC - Rebirth; Secret Wars (2015); War of Jokes and Riddles

Watch tips: Justice League Dark; Justice League Unlimited; Young Justice; DC Legends of Tomorrow; Invincible; The Boys

recorded via Zencastr 10-16-22