TMNT OG Comics Fan - Ep 103

Published: Aug. 5, 2022, 4 p.m.


Today my guest is comedian Bob Kitson. How long has Bob been reading comic books? How was Bob introduced to comic books? What is Samurai Penguin? How about Boris the Bear? And Reagan's Raiders? What was the first mainstream comic Bob ever picked up? Where did The Mask first appear? Who are Checkmate? Are Star Wars comics worth reading? (Answer: yes.) Why does Bob like Marvel more than DC? Why doesn't Bob like DC villains? What was different about the original Ninja Turtles comics? How did the Turtles' look change? What made Elfquest different? What's the bad thing about indie comics? Who was Doctor Zero? Another reminder that you should read Footprints by Joey Esposito. Who should read Grace by c.w. thayer?

Reading list: The Dark Knight Returns; Killing Joke; Samurai Penguin; Boris The Bear; Reagan's Raiders; Darth Vader; Green Arrow: Quiver (and keep going); Green Arrow: Long Bow Hunters; The Killing Joke; original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Usagi Yojimbo; Elfquest; Faust (David Quinn); Grace by c.w. thayer

Watch list: The Toys That Made Us (Ninja Turtles)

Recorded 5-15-22 via Zoom