The Problem With Batman 89 - Michael LoBosco Part 2

Published: April 8, 2022, 11:59 p.m.


Today we're joined by Michael LoBosco! Did Brett miss the point of Batman RIP? Why won't Brett read about shows and comics online? Is the X-Men cartoon coming back to Disney Plus? What did Brett hear when he woke up from gall bladder surgery? What does Michael think the X-Men movies did wrong? What bad superhero movie does Brett think needs to be seen? Who played Captain America in the bad 80s movie? Can you go to the movies by yourself? What was the post credits sequence in The Batman? Who was in Arkham? What are the deleted scenes from The Batman? Is it hard to tell what's real comic book news and what's fake? What is Michael's favorite superhero movie? What show is Brett happy to have on HBO Max? What was Brett's issue with the 1989 Batman movie? Can an animated movie be the best superhero movie? Can you be Batman if you wear glasses? Who is Brett's favorite Batman? What were Michael's issues with the Tim Burton Batman movies? What makes The Batman different from other Batman movies? How long has Michael been a fan of Superman? What comic do you give to someone who's just getting started with comic books? When will we get a live action Question movie? What comic does Brett regret not buying when he was a kid? Which artist does Brett seek out when he's buying comics? What was Neal Adams' comics imprint? Can older fans be detrimental to new fans? What movie is Brett hoping happens soon?

Reading tips: I Kill Giants (please read it, it's fantastic); The Batman Who Laughs; Crisis on Infinite Earths; Ultimate Spider-Man; Civil War; first Wolverine mini series; The Question; Continuity Comics; Sandman; The High Cost of Happily Ever After by Jim Krueger

Watch tips: Under The Red Hood; Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker; The Batman

Recorded 3-13-22 via Zencastr