The Killing Joke and More

Published: April 7, 2023, 7:07 p.m.


My guest this week is comedian Hakeem Yusef! What were Hakeem's first comics and who got them for him? Which is better, the comics or the movies? (THE COMICS.) What Lego games did Hakeem play? What's a good Marvel video game? How long has Brett been reading comic books? Is Ant-Man as powerful as Iron Man? We talk about some recent movies and TV shows. What's a key difference between She-Hulk in the comics and She-Hulk in the TV show? What's the best part of Comic Con? What did they used to sell at Comic Con that they don't anymore? Who plays Allen the Alien on Invincible? Why is it different if Black Adam kills people onscreen as opposed to in print? Is The Killing Joke a perfect comic, and if not, why not?\\xa0

Watch list:
Spider-Man (2002)

The Boys


Reading list:

Moon Knight

Something is Killing the Children

The Department of Truth

The Finder from Bad Idea

The Boys


Batman: The Killing Joke

Recorded 4-5-23 via Zoom