The Crow and More

Published: Feb. 17, 2023, 10:38 p.m.


My guest this week is comedian Paul Kilmer! How did Paul get into comics? What is X-Men 1602? Who sent Batman back in time? Who is the best Batman and why is it Adam West? What does Paul want to see Batman do? What's the deal with these new Ninja Turtles movies? What's the story with The Tick? What's the story behind Witchblade? What is Spawn's deal? What is the Star Wars Legends universe? What ending knocked Brett off his feet? Who are Ketchup Man and Mustard Man? What was wrong with the Tick TV series? What's the deal with The Crow?\\xa0

Reading list:
Marvel 1602 (free on Comixology Unlimited)

The Shadow

Swamp Thing

Tales From The Crypt (free on Comixology Unlimited)

The Phantom (free on Comixology Unlimited)

Dick Tracy

Ghostbusters/Ninja Turtles


Spawn (free on Comixology Unlimited)

Old Man Logan

The Last Ronin (free on Comixology Unlimited)

The Walking Dead


The Amazing Spider-Man


Doctor Sleep (novel)

The Dark Tower (novel)

The Tick

Aeon Flux

Predator vs Alien


Alien/Predator crossovers


The Darkness


Star Wars (free on Comixology Unlimited)

Marvel Zombies

Star Wars Tales 19 (Chewbacca and Indiana Jones)

Hellblazer (free on Comixology Unlimited)

The Crow (original series)

The Toys That Made Us, Ninja Turtles episode

The Tick