The Boys Show with Mike Messer - Ep 99

Published: July 9, 2022, 12:01 a.m.


Spoilers for The Boys comics and TV show. How many comic books was Brett buying back in the day? Who turned Mike and Brett onto The Boys? What were the mini series related to The Boys? What publisher did The Boys start with? Who wrote The Boys? Who was the original artist? Is it hard to avoid spoilers? How would you describe The Boys? How are the female characters different on the show than in the comics? Which characters in The Boys are like characters in other comic books? Who is Tek-Knight? Who are The Seven? Where does Jack from Jupiter show up? What is one of the biggest differences between the comics and the show? Who accused Brett of not liking joy? Is the comic sexist? What is problematic about The Boys comic? What does Hughie do to Annie in the comics?

Recorded 7-2-22 via Zencastr