The Best Deadpool Stories - James Mac - Ep 74

Published: Jan. 14, 2022, 5 p.m.

Today we're joined by comedian James Mac. Which version of the Joker is your favorite? What is the worst thing the Joker has ever done? Which is the best Joker story? When will we get a supervillain team up onscreen? When will Peter Parker graduate from high school? What is Brett's favorite fan theory? When will they bring Miles Morales to the MCU? What actor should play him? How would you describe Deadpool? How many times has Deadpool been married? Remember when Deadpool became a pirate? What is the most kid-friendly Deadpool story?

Reading tips: Batman: Reptilian; Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe; Deadpool Kills Deadpool; Deadpool vs Dracula; Deadpool Corps; The Boys