Spider-Gwen Deep Dive

Published: Nov. 3, 2023, 7:17 p.m.


Spoilers for Spider-Gwen. My returning guest this week is Bontrager! How did Spider-Gwen come about? How many Gwen Stacys didn\'t die? Why did Brett read the entire run? How is the art on Spider-Gwen? What Earth is Spider-Gwen from? Where was Spider-Gwen introduced? What were some of the differences between the Spider-Gwen story and the Spider-Man story? How was Matt Murdock different? What happens in the Spider-Gwen story? How do they get rid of Peter Parker? Who are the alternate characters in Spider-Gwen\'s universe? Who is the Bodega Bandit? Who is on Earth-8? What is Punisher like in this universe? What is this version of Reed Richards like? What about their version of Wolverine and Kitty? What band is Gwen in and what instrument does she play? How is Captain America different? Was Spider-Gwen a popular comic when it came out? What happened when the New Universe ended? How did Spider-Gwen end? What should publishers do to get readers buying comics again? Are comic books too expensive? Which comic titles always sell? Is it possible that younger comics buyers don\'t know much about Gwen Stacy?\\xa0

Reading list:
Ultimate Spider-Man
New Universe
X-Men: Dark Phoenix (free oni Comixology Unlimited)