Spawn is a Horror Comic - Ep 97

Published: June 24, 2022, 7:49 p.m.


Today's guest is Jonas Barnes and we're talking horror comics and horror movies. How long have Jonas and Brett been reading comics? Is Spawn a horror comic? What is Spawn's deal? Why was Spawn put at the back of the comics shop? What made Spawn comics different? What made it not for kids? Was there backlash to Spawn? What happened when Brett read the first Marvel Zombies series? What happened with the Killing Joke animated movie? Why doesn't Jonas like Superman? Jonas likes the heroes more in Marvel but the villains more in DC. What about you? What makes Galactus awesome? Why does Jonas not like Superman's villains? Why were the Ghost Rider movies no good? Should Venom have been a horror movie? What happened with The New Mutants movie? Is Blade a horror film? What makes something a horror movie? What did the Deadpool movies do well? What is the movie Faust: Love of the Damned about? What happened in Batman: Damned?

Reading list: Marvel Zombies (first one); Spawn; Batman: The Long Halloween; Killing Joke; Gotham by Gaslight; Superman: Red Son; Snelson: Comedy is Dying; Batman: Damned

Recorded 6-18-22 via Zencastr