Snelson and More - Ep 93

Published: May 27, 2022, 8:52 p.m.


This episode has more signing than usual. What happened when Brett tried to watch Swamp Thing? What happens if you know the difference between Swamp Thing and Man Thing? What IS the difference between Swamp Thing and Man Thing? What happened in the first Thunderbolts comics? How are the photos from the Blue Beetle movie? Why is representation important? Do you need to read the comics before you watch The Boys? What is Hard Traveling Heroes? What happens in Green Arrow: Quiver that made Brett uncomfortable? Why do we need more women writing comics? What did Judd Winick do in his Green Arrow arc? What does Women in Refrigerators mean? You need to read Snelson: Comedy is Dying. What's the best comic to start with if you want to read Spider-Man from the beginning? You should read Footprints by Joey Esposito. RIP to George Perez and Neal Adams. Who are Megalith, Toy Boy, and Armor and the Silver Streak?

Reading tips: Thunderbolts; Swamp Thing; Web of the City by Harlan Ellison (novel); Green Arrow: Quiver; Green Arrow: Straight Shooter; Snelson: Comedy is Dying; Hot Lunch Special; Ultimate Spider-Man; Amazing Spider-Man; Footprints by Joey Esposito; New Teen Titans; Crisis on Infinite Earths

Recorded 5-27-22 via Audacity