Smallville and More

Published: June 16, 2023, 6:49 p.m.


My guest this week is comedian Ira Summer! What is the World Series of Comedy? What cartoons did Ira watch? Which is the secret identity of each hero? What is Thor's origin story? Where did Tony Stark go to college? How does Ira relate to Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne? How does Brett relate to Peter Parker? What happens in Flashpoint and what will happen in the new Flash movie? Why didn't Daredevil mutate when he got hit with radioactive waste? Why were Ira's kids into old baseball cards? Do you keep your comic books after you read them? How many boxes of comics did Ira have? What kind of home do you want for your comics? What characters does Ira not like? Why doesn't Ira like Booster Gold? What does Ira want in his comic book characters? Does every high school have a Flash Thompson? How has Flash Thompson developed as a character? Has Bruce Wayne developed over the years? Has Dick Grayson? What happened when Norman Osborn came back? Why don't characters stay dead in comics? Is Captain America inconsistently written? What happened to Peter Parker's marriage? Are 60's and 70's comics too campy? Why did Ira and Brett like Smallville?\\xa0

Reading list:
X-Men (all titles)

Iron Man (Free on Comixology Unlimited)


Spider-Man (all titles)

New Mutants




Green Lantern

Tom King Batman (Free on Comixology Unlimited)

Ex Machina (Free on Comixology Unlimited)

Watch list:
'66 cartoons

Spider-Man: No Way Home


Flash (CW)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow